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   My childhood years are filled with “photographic” memories. Those of a heaven on Earth, with my father and a Hasselblad camera in his hands, shooting away, taking photographs of my brother and myself, keeping alive these fleeting moments of our youthful innocence. The first 20 years of my life are filled with sweet memories such as these in far-off Sweden, the beautiful country of my birth but not of my origins, birthplace too of the Hasselblad, later to become one of my favorite cameras. I began my photographic career armed with one of these beauties, using it mainly for portraiture.

   Upon settling in Greece, my innate love of photography led me train with professional photographers who taught me the art of wedding photography. I worked as an assistant photographer and simultaneously studied to be a Photography Technician at the private IEK Pythagoras institute. Since then, my cameras have been a fundamental part of my being, of my lifestyle, of my life. The way I live and work. I photograph, research and study continually. My quest has led me to attend seminars hosted by famous contemporary photographers, including one of the world’s top photographers Yervant, Greek-Australians Jerry Ghions and Mercury Megaloudis, Martin Schembri and Keda Z. Feng among others. In 2010 and 2011 I was given the opportunity to teach a group of people at the Centre for Continuing Education in the town I live in, it was an experience my students and I enjoyed. It was a most valuable experience. In February 2015 a new training cycle started once again in Kilkis, where I teach again to those who are passionate with photography. 

    This is my refuge, where I dream, where I work, where I plan my trips. With my hometown as my base, and with a camera in my hands and my gaze and lens firmly focused on the joy that couples exude on their wedding day, I capture their unique moments of excitement and happiness and keep them alive, while lending a touch of art to their celebration.
And on this journey that I’ve chosen for myself, with its color and sepia and black and white, each step opens the road ahead, each wedding offers me the chance to create my own hymn to love, each couple generously allows me to capture a piece of their being, of their emotions on that day, and keep them alive for their lifetime together.