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Alexandra & Elias

Straight out of the 1950s, with an oversized bun and wide ribbons in her hair, a petticoat dress with a tight waist, Alexandra wanted to have the fantasy wedding that she had always dreamt of. Elias, composed and staid, seems to be a person who assesses things carefully, right down to his most important decision to take the plunge with Alexandra.
Late September and you would never know that autumn was abound. The weather, deliciously warm, was a perfect reflection of their emotions. Sincere, expansive, exuding joy and anticipation.
They spoke to me a bit about their beginning. When they had exchanged furtive glances at the same place, again and again. Until one of them got up the courage to speak to the other and everything flowed so freely, so naturally.
On the night of their wedding, they danced until the early morning hours, disco music giving the beat to their exuberance and coaxing guests to the dance floor in an atmosphere of pure elation. The following day, contented and refreshed, full of wide-eyed anticipation for their new beginning, they walked hand in hand through the picturesque streets of Ladadika and flirted: with the lively backdrop of the city around them, with the golden morning light and the crystal clear waters of the Krini marina.
They gave themselves over to the lens that was capturing these special moments, and they enjoyed it to the fullest. And I with them …