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Anna & Petros

Early summer. A lifetime ahead begins to unfold in the best way possible. In Skra Square, the backdrop that they have chosen, birthplace of groom Petros’s father.
This love-at-first-sight fairytale began in Thessaloniki. He gazed at Anna and thought of nothing else for an entire year. One gaze back from her and they became inseparable, a love that culminated in their joint walk up the step of Saint Dimitrios church. Anna, modest, sweet, refined in her Coco Chanel wedding gown, her hair pulled off her face in a simple, sophisticated style, radiant with minimal makeup and a disarmingly demure smile, suffused in the light of this mutual moment of joy. Petros, “gorgeous”, Anna still whispers and smiles every time she recalls the moment she arrived in the churchyard and saw her soon-to-be husband awaiting her in the square.
“It was beautiful. With the tree in the center of the square and the reception tables radiating out around it. And the music, the wedding cake, the food…”, Petros tells me some months later when I ask him to reminisce about their wedding day. And with unsuppressed emotion he says, “Thank you for indulging me and letting me tell you about it again. These moments flash by so quickly. You want to recapture them, but…”.