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Kiparissia & Stelios

“This couple really knows how to have a good time and share their happiness!”  “This couple” is Kiparissia and Stelios. A couple of “kids” who have grown up but haven’t forgotten how to be enthusiastic, how to smile, dance, how to get a little nutty sometimes. And at their wedding they were no different. Even the customary anxiety of the day, with everyone’s attention focused on the couple, couldn’t stifle their lively spirit or keep them from pulling a wedding day prank. They had been planning it for some time, pulled it off, laughed and made everyone around them laugh with all their heart, and in doing so left their own characteristically playful mark on a wedding that was a true celebration.
They told me that during the ceremony they were tense, that they felt they couldn’t be completely at ease. But all I saw were wide smiles, tender glances, hands warmly entwined. And at the reception afterwards, an insuppressible joy that carried away young and old alike. Everyone danced with them, held their glasses up high to toast them, over and over again, and wish moments of joy like this for a lifetime to come.
Worn out with the sweet fatigue that a wedding day brings, we took our bags and dove into the magic of the sea. Against a naturally stunning backdrop that suited this couple perfectly, they let themselves be themselves. They frolicked in the waves while my lens captured these magical moments that come but once yet last a lifetime.