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Maria & George's wedding portraits

Bubbly,  cheerful, congenial. Maria would put any photographer at ease, even if they hadn’t known her for years, as was the case with me. Both born in Sweden to Greek parents, we met in Greece and found we had a lot more than just that in common. This created the perfect atmosphere for the photo shoot that was to follow. She had confidence in me and felt free in front of the lens. George… the calm, collected type,  followed my suggestions, and Maria’s instructions, with a warm smile and infinite patience.
The day of their wedding in the middle of a Greek summer, and the heat was significant. As it was the following day when our photo shoot took us up into the mountains, literally. From early morning until late evening, we roamed Mount Paiko in a 1954 model BMW R 68, me setting up my equipment, them posing and following my every artistic instruction like pros.
I captured moments, details, smiles, gazes, portraits. Fleeting moments now captured on paper and etched on the memory. Resounding proof of the shared joy of a couple so seemingly different, yet so obviously suited.