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Stavroula & Alexandros

“I had the feeling that they both had been ready for these moments all their lives”. Peaceful, smiling, they shared their wholehearted joy so naturally with all those around them. Stavroula and Alexandros inspired me to make a short film of their big day. Frame by frame, my lens captured the wedding ceremony, the moment they exited the church as man and wife, the before and after, a poignant story unfolding before your eyes … “and no matter how many times you watch it, you can’t help being filled with an overwhelming feeling of love and tranquility. You just feel good about the day. And about the days that followed”, they say, ever serene, ever sweet.

Stavroula and Alexandros felt at ease. They enthusiastically embraced my ideas and recommendations. It was their day, and they relished it with all their being. She, a romantic vision in white, gracefully striking. He, handsomely rugged and composed. Together, a harmonious pair that you just know will stand the test of time.

“Some of our wedding photos are works of art. Constantin orchestrated every moment so professionally, with such reassuring confidence. He knows what he’s doing and he loves what he does. That took away any anxiety we had felt before and allowed us to really enjoy the moment with no hesitations. His photographs have perfectly preserved this special moment in our lives for a lifetime to come”.

Thank you Stavroula and Alexandros. I wish you all the best. For a lifetime to come…