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Despina & Argiris

“They love to travel and are crazy about photography. What more could I ask for in a client? I was really looking forward to capturing their day through my lens. To immersing them in the adventure of this wholly different kind of journey that they were about to embark on”. Despina and Argiris are a unique couple, always upbeat and smiling, full of zest for life. Argiris laughs easily, he’s relaxed and it shows, even when wearing a formal suit which is not his preferred attire. The moment Despina catches sight of Argiris outside the church of Saint Paraskevi, in his elegant suit and with his characteristic confidence, her heartbeat quickens.
As I photographed them, one look or slight gesture from me was enough for them to instinctively understand what I was thinking, and so the shoot progressed effortlessly, with no delays. We moved on to the actual marriage vows with no anxiety, no tight-lipped smiles, just joy, pure and simple. And then to the reception party with its live music and unreserved revelry.
The following day we continued our journey of capturing these once in a lifetime moments. “I remember taking mainly portrait shots for about six hours, this time in Thessaloniki. We were having so much fun that we lost track of time. By the time we wrapped it up, night had fallen and we made our way to a seaside bar where we relaxed, laughed, talked. We planned our next photographic escapade and bid farewell until the next time, which happened to be in the wine cellars of the famed Boutari and Aidarini wine producers, yet another magical backdrop, and especially so for a couple who are lovers of fine wine. A toast to their health, then… I enjoyed their company as much as I enjoyed the experience!